ENREACH provides the best of International and Chinese education to make critical, creative, independent thinkers who are successful in international colleges and education programs.

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Counseling at ENREACH emphasizes quality mentorship, ethical service delivery, and admissions insight to help Chinese students and their families feel confident about their futures as they head overseas. Working in diverse teams that include former admissions officers, graduates of prestigious universities, and local experts, all of whom bring diverse life experiences and expertise, we prepare our students to thrive at Western universities. We are a data-informed, process-oriented program. We believe that through upholding the strictest standards of our profession, we provide our students with the best preparation for a Western college experience, most often in the United States. Students most often work with a counseling team for two years to develop their interests and abilities, then direct their own application process, including school selection, essay writing, and making their final decisions. We emphasize the sort of academic, linguistic, and personal growth that allows students to define success on their own terms, and pursue that success wherever it takes them.


Critical thinking, creativity, confidence and lifelong learning are at the center of our programs. In each program we ask students to question their assumptions, carefully consider their logic when evaluating an argument or piece of evidence, and, most importantly, seek out fresh perspectives by talking to others and staying open to new ideas. We continually ask our students to use their imagination to be creative, to develop their unique voice and sense of self, and to be confident in their knowledge and own capacity for success and continual progression. 


We currently have four Programs to help us achieve these objectives running over 10 sessions per semester. We use content that would be at home in any American or International school situation, while making sure that it has been adapted for Chinese students. As an ENREACH teacher you would teach within the Speech program with at least one other program. You will provide students with transferable and specific skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Critical Thinking Program (CTP). 

Twelve courses focusing on Analytical, Metaphorical, Strategic, Systems, Conceptual, Comparative, Perspective and Creative thinking routines. These are applied to interesting content from Literature, Modern and Ancient World Cultures, Environmental Events and Inventions. Each lesson focuses on a specific critical thinking routine and project, collaboration and speech activities arranged to help students deliver a final project or presentation in the last lesson. Courses are arranged to complement the maturity and learning development of our students. Our younger learners (Grade 4 to 6) practice identifying the key information in a text and expressing it in their own words, while our older learners (Grade 7-10) are trained to analyze primary sources and to examine narratives in challenging works of literature. Whether studying the pharaohs of Egypt, Louis Armstrong, crime stories or a short story by Gabriel Marquez or Shirley Jackson, the content is designed to engage students and drive a love of learning while systematically fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. Classes are student centred and designed to show progress through making thinking visible and documenting students work through photos and videos in each class.

Debate Program.  Three habits form the cornerstones of our debate programresearch, evidence, and structured argumentation.  With these in place, we teach students about refuting contentions, justifying claims, offering support and making an impact. Over multiple courses, teachers work as coaches alongside students that are working on flow, specific frameworks, or unique rebuttals. We believe that students develop the skills needed to conduct research, construct an argument, craft convincing definitions and working with a partner through this program. The ENREACH Debate Program guides students from the basics of debate through to topic analysis and on to advanced strategies and principles for tournament-level debaters. Students learn how to research topics and craft effective arguments on a variety of current event topics.  As the representatives for NSDA in China, ENREACH organizes tournaments across China so that our students have opportunities to compete both locally and nationally. ENREACH also delivers Model United Nations courses and competitions in which students practice collaborative problem solving through diplomacy and negotiation.  By giving public speeches, participating in group discussions, and writing resolutions, students who study Debate are prepared to thrive in an international education setting.

Drama Program. Through fostering confident expression and creative performance, the ENREACH Drama Program encourages students to imagine and reflect upon human experiences.  ENREACH Drama teachers introduce the discipline to many first-time learners.  In the past, we have successfully launched several musical theater events. We also offer Young Thespian Festivals, which allow students to apply their theatrical skills in an engaging and accepting environment with theater professionals from across the globe. As the official representative of EdTA in China, ENREACH is able to guide our students from introductory level coursework through participation in tournament events.  In order to prepare our students for participation in these festivals, our Drama Program is organized around competition categories: monologues, duologues, improvisation, group scenes, technical theater, and playwriting. In addition, we partner with local schools to support performance within their standing curriculums, providing Drama access to thousands of students across China. 

Speech Program. Storytelling, Prose Interpretation, Poetry Recital, Persuasion and Original Oratory comprise the base of the ENREACH Speech Program, which also features courses organized around specific content like Art Appreciation and Historical Analysis. No matter the level or angle of a class, we focus on three core instructional components: Stage Presence, Speech Structure, and Speech Content or Preparation. As a teacher of these courses, you will help ENREACH students discover their unique voices and build confidence in expressing individual ideas and creativity in a second language. It is important to note that ENREACH students are already solid speakers of English as most attend an international school or have been studying foreign language for nearly a decade by the time they join us. Our courses are aimed at providing expert coaching, a systematic curriculum and structured practice in a supportive, international environment that is centered around the student and designed to bring out their communicative potential. Whereas all teachers participate in the Speech Program, select individuals with experience may also coach students to compete in NSDA China Speech competitions.