Employee Spotlight Rebecca Colles from Hangzhou!

When did you arrive in China?

I arrived in China in January 2018. I came over from Australia, so leaving summer and arriving in winter was a bit of a shock!

What did you do for work before you came here?

I was teaching in Japan for a year, before that teaching in Thailand, and before that teaching in Australia.

What is your role with ENREACH and what city do you live in?

I’m the academic team leader, and I teach Critical Reading and Writing, and Public Speaking. I live in Hangzhou, a “small” Chinese city, about an hour south of Shanghai. There’s lots to see and do here, we have beautiful West Lake, and amazing temples!

What advice do you have for new employees and those new to China?

Come with an open mind! China is completely different to other countries, but I’ve found people to be generally kind. It can be very busy! Also, watch out for e-bikes, they’re almost silent (except when they are honking at you). Do some research into the city you’re going to before you arrive. China is huge, and the cities here tend to completely different from one another. Be prepared for crowds!

Your favorite food you’ve discovered so far?

My favourite food is steamed eggplant, it comes with a delicious spicy dipping sauce. But I’ve only ever seen this dish in the area of Moganshan, not actually in Hangzhou.

Where are you going on your next vacation?

I haven’t got another vacation planned so far, this year I’ve already been to Cambodia and Vietnam, both were amazing. I can’t decide where to go next, there are still many places in China that I want to see.  Here is a picture from a trip to the Great Wall.