Why you should go to Wuxi

When you start researching jobs in China, you start with the big names – all those famous places you’ve already heard of.  Don’t rule out some of China’s hidden gems though, where you can have a rich and unique experience unlike that of those who only know the larger and more famous cities.  We asked some of our teachers in Wuxi what they liked about the job and about living in Wuxi and here is what they told us:

Working at Wuxi EnreachKids

If you’re looking for something fast-paced and dynamic, with challenges to meet head-on, Wuxi EnreachKids is the path for you. EnreachKids is a great way to make an impact on lives and to begin a method of learning that could last a lifetime. Watching students adapt and grow with our program is one of the most rewarding experiences as an educator. You have the chance to be part of a team that is willing to support you, improve your skills, and implement your creative ideas. You can evolve as an educator in a positive and uplifting environment. All while living in a city that is constantly growing, in size, technology, culture, and entertainment; that is also an easy commute to other interesting and exciting cities for those restless weekends or long holidays.

-Alex Simpson

Wuxi is a wonderful city to plant oneself and build a life in. Wuxi is close to Shanghai where you can find all the excitement of a cosmopolitan city, but far enough to escape the full on rush of city life. When it comes to work in China, what can I say? I have been blessed to be able to find a spot among some of the most amazing people that have enriched my life and who have impacted my life for the better. EnreachKids is family to me. I know that my center will always be there to get me out a sticky situation or just support me whenever I need it. I have learned so many things from my students and I’m forever grateful for that. What I would like to give back to my students is a place where they can come to learn through having fun. A place where they can be themselves and know their opinion is valid and important. If I could bring about a smile to the people that I interact with each day, then I have achieved a part of my personal goal: Be kind to one another.

-Eluny Boshoff

Wuxi: Wuxi has been the ideal place for me to start living in China. It’s a small (by Chinese standards) city, but it has a great international community and isn’t as crowded as Shanghai or Beijing. The people here are welcoming and the city is very easy for foreigners with no experience to navigate. It’s located really close to beautiful cities such as Suzhou and Nanjing, and you’re only an hour away from bustling Shanghai! The people I have met and the friends I have made have been truly valuable to keeping me here for as long as I have been. I find it difficult to imagine moving back to South Africa because of all the convenience and opportunities I have right in Wuxi!

Enreach Kids: The team here at EnreachKids has been central to my happiness in China. The team has cultivated a balance of closeness and professionalism that I have never felt in any of my other work experiences. The foreign staff are close-knit and share a lot of laughs, while the local team is known for being approachable in a time of need no matter what the problem! The dynamic throughout all the teams in our office is warm and familiar- it truly is like a second family. The work itself may seem daunting at first, but with the team working together in our synergistic manner, we are able to enjoy teaching the kids to the fullest extent. Working in this centre has aided me in developing as an educator and in professional life. I am truly grateful to be a part of this amazing team.

-Janine Bezuidenhout

JOB: Working at Enreach Kids is a non-stop fulfilling job. We have a family-oriented work ethic among our staff that holds a high level of professionalism. Teaching at Enreach Kids gives you a great opportunity to be an exceptionally creative teacher. This opportunity not only allows you to grow as a teacher, but to also have an endless amount of fun in the classroom with the kids. Teaching here at Enreach Kids is a one of a kind experience that gives you a home away from home.

Wuxi: Wuxi is undeniably a perfect city to live in, especially if this is your first time in China. Wuxi is a scaled-down Shanghai which is why Wuxi has a well known nickname of “Little Shanghai.” Wuxi is a picturesque city that is centrally located and gives you that big city life, but without the hustle-and-bustle that comes along with that. Wuxi is a very wealthy and growing city that is very comfortable and affordable to live in. A short 1 or 2 hour train rides allows you to visit many wonderful places. Wuxi also has a close-knit foreigner base that is really kind and welcoming.

-Dean Jacobs