Speech and Debate at ENREACH

One of the key pillars of ENREACH Education programming is our Speech and Debate courses.  Across China, we have all kinds of debate teams ranging from those that compete internationally to those getting started on the basics of public speaking.  Speech and Debate is becoming increasingly popular across China as a way for Chinese high school students to increase confidence, improve communication skills, and prepare for university life in the United States.  ENREACH is committed to providing the best debate programs in China for our students, which means working with debate coaches who bring the right mix of experience and dedication to our courses.

Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds.  They range from highly ranked competitive debaters to experienced teachers who have developed Speech and Debate programs in high schools to a meet a need for their students.  This blend of experience has created an environment with classroom teachers adept at working with a range of students alongside coaches whose competitive background prepares students for the logistics of tournaments.  In addition to our full time staff, we also have a summer internship that brings students to Shanghai to work alongside our experienced coaches.  The internship is an opportunity to explore Shanghai, engage with a potential career, and learn some Chinese.

What makes a job like this unique is the opportunity to have a rewarding career working with China’s top students, and the chance to live and work in a truly remarkable culture.  Weekend getaways to river towns, dinner at your favorite Hunanese restaurant, and establishing lifelong friendships from around the world is what makes living abroad an enriching experience.  To all our students, coaches, and interns, Happy Speech and Debate Day to you!