Arrival – What to expect

You are almost to China!  Visa in your passport, bags are packed, and you’ve said all your goodbyes.  What can you expect next?

Pre-departure: The week before you depart we will send you arrival information that includes your arrival information and schedule for the first week.  This will be a pdf attachment sent to your email so if you have any last minute changes to your contact details, be sure to let us know.  Be sure also to get some Chinese RMB in cash.  You will be able to access the bulk of your money after you arrive in China, but you will want to have around 2000 RMB in cash for small purchases.  This is around 300 USD.  If you plan well in advance you can get a better exchange rate at the bank, but if not you can still change money at the airport before you leave.

Departure:  At the airport, if you have any updates to your travel information or if your plane is delayed, let us know.  While we will be sure to track your information online, any updates you have will help us be extra sure to stay on top of what is happening.

Arrival:  Once you arrive and get through customs you’ll see someone standing with an ENREACH sign and your name on it.  The driver will take you to the hotel where you’ll be staying the first few days in China.  The hotel will be covered completely though you may have to pay a deposit up front that you will get back when you check out.

The first few days: A detailed schedule will be sent to you prior to departure, as indicated above, but in general, you will be taken to your ENREACH center for orientation and initial training.  For those going to a smaller city, you will likely to to Shanghai for orientation prior to going on to your final destination.

In addition to the orientation details we’ll also help with the apartment hunting, setting up a phone, and a bank account.  The first week goes by so fast, but there is a lot to cover and we are dedicated to helping you get settled in.  Before you know it, you’ll be settled into your new home and loving your new job.  We look forward to having you on board!