China TEFL review – by Kerri Harper

Kerri recently arrived in China and took the China TEFL course in Beijing before going on to her new home in Chengdu.  We asked her a few questions about going through the course and she was kind enough to give us some feedback.

What did you do for the China TEFL prior to arriving in China?

Days before my departure for China, I completed an online TEFL training course. Users must receive a minimum passing score of 60%. The coursework is easy to grasp but very lengthy, so take your time.

Where did you take the China TEFL?

Once I arrived to China, I took an in-person TEFL training course in the conference room of the hotel I was staying in. Rest assured you won’t have to worry about commuting to class, it’s just an elevator away. In the course you learn adjust to the Chinese classroom.

What did you learn in the course?

The instructor cover topics such as classroom management, theory, lesson planning, and cultural awareness. The TEFL class environment is welcoming and filled with people you’ll want to befriend and exchange ideas with.

What was the class like?

The class has a healthy mix between lecture and group activity so you remain engaged in the content. I actually preferred the in-person training versus the online course.

What advice do you have for others?

I would recommend you bring paper and a pen to class because these materials are not provided. I didn’t bring these items but luckily my HR representative gifted me with a notebook and pen set before the start of class. Overall, I had a good experience with the TEFL training and I had some great takeaways.