Wuxi – What Our Teachers Say


I like living in Wuxi.  It’s a really nice city. I am close to my work, the subway, and a grocery store that has the food I need. It’s a nice place that has a lot to explore and I’m excited to do more of that soon.

I say Wuxi is worth visiting for the nearby mountain and the Big Buddha statue, which is a really cool place to get to go and see, and past that for the food. There are sweet barbecue short ribs here are that are close to as good as back home in Tennessee. It’s got a lot to recommend it without feeling like an oppressively big city.

Wuxi, like much of China, is a culture of “keep your head down” I think. People are generally nice and don’t bother you if you don’t bother them and they’re actually friendly and very kind if you take the time to get to know them more. They’re nice folks, and Wuxi is a good city to get to live in and be part of here.


I like that Wuxi is a fairly moderately sized city, which means that it has all of the urban amenities that I want, but is a lot more economical and easy to get around compared to a city like Beijing or Shanghai. I commute to several schools across the city by taxi, and the traffic is never as bad as what I expected from a Chinese city. Wuxi is also rather conveniently located close to other cities around the Yangtze Delta, so taking daytrips to places like Nanjing or Shanghai is very easy, especially via high speed train. I definitely packed way too many winter clothes and not enough for summer, the summers can get very hot here!