Chengdu – What Bart Has to Say

Are you curious about Chengdu? We asked our counselor Bart about it, and this is what he told us:

Chengdu is a city that is surrounded by mountains on all sides. One on the things I love most about the city is going on day trips to Qing Cheng Shan Mountain to hike and enjoy tea on the lake. Around the city, amongst the tall buildings, you can find small tea houses to have a fresh cup of green tea from the local tea growing areas of Sichuan. This is one my favorite things to do in the city on a day off.

If you come to Chengdu, you should definitely visit Le Shan Buddha which is a short train ride away from the city. Though there are many tourists, the giant buddha is sure to inspire you to consider the ancient history of China in a different way. Apart from the many destinations you can visit in Chengdu, while you are there, you have to enjoy the local hot pot which is as authentic and local as it comes. The atmosphere of the city is busy, but everyone has a leisurely aura. It’s hard to explain, but it’s noticeable if you come to Chengdu from any other city in China.