Transferring Money from China to America

Transferring money back home.

Kelley McKinnon

If you are like me, you did not come to China without any US debt that needs to be paid off (whether it be credit cards or student loans) so you will need to know how to transfer money back to the US.  There are 2 ways (that I know of).

  1. Open a Chinese paypal account and you can transfer over to your US one.  You just cannot have a VPN on while you open the Chinese account.  Also, you have to make sure they can access your American paypal account because if it isn’t already logged in then they will expect to send you a code to your American phone number on file which you may no longer have
  2. Transfer from your bank. For this, you need a list of documents

Your passport

Your bank address in the states

Account number

Bank routing number

SWIFT code

Contract with ENREACH

Latest tax documents (Lisa in Yangpu can help you log into the system, she is wonderful)


Both methods charge to convert your money to US dollars, it is about 200 rmb with the bank but it has great exchange rates and paypal it is a little more (about 35 usd) but it is more efficient once you get it set up.

Good luck!